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Fold / ROWEFOLD 711



Manual folding of large formatted plans, such as DIN A0 for instance, requires twice as much time as copying itself.

ROWEFOLD 711 offers the possibility of automizing folding and this at a relation of price and performance that has never been available before. This folder, everybody can afford!

With ROWEFOLD 711, entering into automatic folding is easy. Virtually anyone can handle. Just select the particular folding programme requested and lay on your copy at the large formatted feed table and guide it along the guiding rail. Everything else will be done fully automatically.  Then, feed that drawing already folded in longitudinal direction to the folder once more and your drawing will be completely length and cross folded the next moment.

  • Lenght and cross folding in two working steps
  • Exact folding results, also at high volumes
  • Ease of operation and handling
  • Large formatted feed table for easy feeding of plans
  • „Whisper-silent” working
  • ROWEFOLD 711 requires very little space
  • The integrated stand guarantees an optimal, contoured working height
  • Little operation and maintenance costs


Feeding of folds via large formatted feed table

Folding speed:
appr. 15 m / min

6 length folding programmes, e.g.:
1. Folding format 210 mm
2. Folding format 198 mm
3. Folding format 210/190 mm
4. Folding format 210/185 mm
5. Folding format 210/180 mm
6. Folding format 210 mm package folding

2 Cross folding programmes, e.g.:
1. Folding format 297 mm
2. Folding format 305 mm

Folding capacity:
Length folding in 1. working step: DIN and wild formats with format length from 390 to 2500 mm (at 80 g/m2). Cross folding in 2. working step for plans up to 2500 mm
in length.

Paper weight: 60 - 110 g/m2

Working width: 960 mm
Space requirement: appr. 1,17 m3
Depth: 835 mm
Width: 1.390 mm
Height: 1.000 mm including stand

Power consumption:
230 V, 1 N AC, 50/60 Hz, 250 VA
Nominal current: 1,0 A
Net weight: ca. 115 kg