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Cut / ROWE 59


The professional paper cutting machine.

The professional cutting machines from ROWE, with manual or electrical operation, permit cutting widths of up to 200 cm (79”).  For oversize sheets, both sides were left open to allow the material to be pushed through and cut continuously.  Aligning marks, according to DIN standards, on the antistatically arranged feed table and the lined pressure rail, enable precise square cuts.

With a long life aluminium feed table and self-sharpening, maintenance free cutting head, the Rowe range of trimmers will keep you at the sharp end of technology.



  •   working width: 150 cm (59”)
  •   integrated stand
  •   manual drive
  •   self-sharpening and maintenance-free cutting head
  •   automatic paper contact pressure during the cutting process
  •   paper waste bag
  •   cutting edge illumination (optional)
  •   guide ledge with scale (optional)
  •   roll-off device (optional)