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Print / Image PROGRAF iPF6400

  • The imagePROGRAF iPF6400, 24-inch large format printer was designed for professionals in the graphic, fine art, photography and proofing markets that seek the highest possible standards for quality-control and image reproduction. An incredibly large color spectrum is produced by the 12-Color LUCIA EX pigment ink set, which also provides better scratch resistance and smoother gradations.
  • Canon's LUCIA EX Ink set is designed for dramatic photographic expression and detailed colour reproduction for exacting proofing applications. This 12-colour ink set offers a brilliant range of vibrant colours, smooth gradations and transitions, with incredibly fine details. This specially formulated ink also offers better scratch resistance, superb black reproduction and exceptional colour stability compared to its predecessor. Combined with the printer's technologies, the LUCIA EX inks have the ability to satisfy the demanding needs of the Photographic, Fine Art, Proofing and Graphics professionals
  • The colour Calibration Management Console is included for the centralized management of networked printers in a system from one easy to use software tool. This unique feature enables colour calibration targets created using the iPF6450 printer with optional spectrophotometer to be linked across the entire line of new 12 colour imagePROGRAF devices. A printer's administrator can monitor and manage each printer in a remote location.
  • This new printer includes an upgraded, built-in colour densitometer that's designed to offer even more precise calibration and colour matching. Using a three-colour LED and a newly developed condenser lens the sensor enables accurate recalibration of the device, allowing users to maintain a low average printer-to-printer colour difference. Automatic colour calibration is finished quickly after a few simple steps on the printer's operation panel. A single colour calibration performed with one type of media can be applied to media in all printing modes.
  • In highest print mode, the order of ink application and layering is optimized to maintain the highest print quality with fewer passes, making this mode twice as fast compared to previous models.
  • The iPF6400 supports 130 ml ink tank sizes, and offers an option for large 300 ml ink tanks. Ink tank replacement becomes less frequent and users with higher printing volumes can enjoy greater productivity.
  •   Color Calibration Management System
  •     New Multi-Sensor
  •     High Speed Printing with Fewer Passes
  •     New Tint and Tone Adjustments
  •     Large Ink Tank Capacity
  •     Sub Ink Tank System
  •     Gigabit Ethernet Support
  •     Enhanced Print Plug-in for Adobe Photoshop
  •     Gallery Wrap Feature
  •     Media Configuration Tool
  •     Print Plug in for Digital Photo Professional
  •     Accounting Manager
  •     Print Plug in for Microsoft Office
  •     PosterArtist Lite
  •     PosterArtist (Optional)