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Print / Image PROGRAF iPF815


Engineered for speed and precision, this 44" large-format printer is an ideal solution for the Technical Documents market. For printing complex full-color renderings, GIS maps, as well as CAD, MCAD and ECAD drawings and documents, the imagePROGRAF iPF815 is a premier printing solution. With exceptional line accuracy, high-speed-throughput, an 160GB hard drive, and on-board support for HP-GL/2 and HP RTL files, printing in large-format with incredible detail is quick and effortless.

The advanced features of the iPF815 allows for enhanced productivity in the most demanding environments. Its built-in 160GB hard drive makes handling multiple complex jobs simple, especially in shared printer environments. Relieve workload from your computer, store and retrieve print jobs with the touch of a button, and utilize a Remote User Interface and password-protected mailboxes to keep your workgroup productive. The iPF815's Economy Print Mode helps lower cost per print while it's sub-ink-tank system enables on-the-fly ink replacement for continuous printing. Add a stacker and large format scanner and realize maximum productivity in any environment.

  •     Productivity: Print Longer Without Interruption
  •     High-Speed Printing: L-COA processor
  •     Precision Printing: High-Density Print Head
  •     160GB Hard Drive
  •     Accounting Manager
  •     Economy Print Mode
  •     Reactive Ink System
  •     HDI Driver
  •     Canon Printer Driver
  •     PosterArtist Lite
  •     PosterArtist (Optional, PC only)